Celebrating the
Legacy of David A. Paige

Who We Are

The David A. Paige Foundation was created to honor David’s passion for the law as a tool for achieving fairness and justice.

The mission of the David A. Paige Foundation is to support students pursuing legal education and training in Arizona. The Foundation funds grants, subsidies, scholarships, and other financial assistance directly related to this purpose.

The David A. Paige Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Meet David A. Paige

David A. Paige graduated from University of Arizona’s Law School in 1975. He practiced law in Tucson and Phoenix before retiring in 2010. Throughout his career, David mentored dozens of attorneys and taught law students at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University.

His pro bono work was varied, and included helping a soup kitchen stay open, guiding relatives through guardianship proceedings, obtaining insurance coverage for numerous clients, and work for Southern Arizona Legal Aid.

Featured Donor

“The David A. Paige Foundation greatly appreciates the $500 grant received from the Viner Foundation Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. This grant will aid our mission to provide paid clerkships and scholarships to law students in Arizona who excel in their studies and believe in using their law degrees to better their community.”

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