Our Mission

The purpose of the David A. Paige Foundation is to support students pursuing legal education and training in Arizona. The David A. Paige Foundation provides paid clerkships and scholarships to University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law students who excel in their studies and believe in using their law degrees to better their community.

Southern Arizona Legal Aid

Southern Arizona Legal Aid’s mission is to provide quality legal services to people who would not otherwise have equal access to justice, in ways which affirm their individual and collective dignity, integrity, and power. David A. Paige believed in this mission and served on SALA’s Advisory Board in the 1980’s.

The David A. Paige Foundation funded a full-time 2021 summer paid clerkship for a rising second-year law student at Southern Arizona Legal Aid. She has experience working in behavioral health and child welfare and like David “shares a commitment to bridging the justice gap for vulnerable populations in our community.” By serving clients in SALA’s Immigration and Domestic Relations Unit, she will help support clients receive more stable immigration status in cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault or other crimes.

University of Arizona

David – UA Law School Graduation 1975

David A. Paige graduated from the University of Arizona’s College of Law in 1975. He was a member of the Arizona Law Review and Note Editor in 1974-75. A trial practice class during David’s third year sparked his interest in litigation, and his trial tactics during that class helped land him his first job as an attorney. 

In 2021, the David A. Paige Foundation awarded its first scholarship to a 2nd year University of Arizona law student who is passionate about public service and public interest and was recently elected as the Student Bar Association’s 2021-2022 President. She believes “lawyers should be servant leaders who are willing to go above and beyond for their clients.”

The David A. Paige Foundation will continue to work to provide scholarships and clerkships for dedicated and community minded law students. The Foundation will also work to create paid judicial clerkships for law students in 2022 and beyond. Those who David mentored valued the legal training he provided and several went on to become judges in Tucson.

Board of Directors

Charles A. Paige

President and Treasurer

Educator and Youth Advocate – Tucson, Arizona

After my dad died, I met with several attorneys and judges that he mentored when they first began their legal careers. I learned how important his teaching and dedication were to their development as attorneys. My family established this foundation to continue his legacy.

Hon. Charles “Chuck” Harrington (Ret.)

Vice President

Tucson, Arizona

David was an excellent mentor who insisted on integrity, fairness and professionalism. David had almost a reverence for the law which he communicated to me and which became a part of my world view. His teachings were a great help to me as an attorney and later as a Superior Court Judge. 

Dawn Brewer


Attorney – Marina Del Rey, California

David practiced law with purpose and humility. David taught me about the gifts and challenges of the profession. His insight remains important to my practice even today. I am grateful for the time I spent with him and humbled to be part of the foundation’s work in his name.

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